NEXTMap first release from FSGenesis

Justin Tyme and FSGenesis are amongst the best known names in the hobby – indeed they’ve been around and involved for longer than most in the hobby!

As of yesterday, the latest FSGenesis product, NEXTMap Northern Andes – the first in a new series of 19m mesh products in partnership with Intermap Technologies – is available. To read the full press release, click “Read More” below. If you just want to check out the scenery at FSGenesis, click here.

Full press release text:

November 2, 2012 – INDIANA PA – After numerous fits and starts and unanticipated delays, FSGenesis today has released the first bundle of their NEXTMap World terrain mesh series, NEXTMap Northern Andes.

In partnership with Intermap Technologies, FSGenesis is producing a worldwide 19m terrain mesh series based on Intermap’s World30 source data, without a doubt currently the best-available world digital elevation model. FSGenesis NEXTMap World will eventually encompass all those long-neglected land areas on the planet rendered in 19m (LOD11) detail, released as countries and as regional bundles over the next year or so. The first of these bundles, NEXTMap Northern Andes, is now available for purchase and immediate download from the FSGenesis store. Be sure to take advantage of the 25%-off ASCENT coupon, now enabled.

Near future releases will include Central America and Southern Andes Bundles, so stay tuned.

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