FSLabs A320 X in icing conditions

Flight Sim Labs report their test day of the A320 X in icing conditions on their Facebook page.

Setting extreme weather and temperatures, Flight Sim Labs check the aircraft reaction and anti-icing protections to ensure “authentic simulation“.

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  1. A BIG CHALLENGES and not possible in FS-X simulating icing condition.Only ICE ore now ICE some ICE few ICE and inlet turbine ice to simulating IMPOSSIBLE also different pressure. FS-X don’t have moister and pressure/temperature gradient Model.

    Don’t waste time on a project like a BIG DONAT, take this bird Project finisch outerwise you ned 10 years to finish it

    a good test pilot is always in training

  2. Not quite true, Thomas. Several developers have now implemented icing and its effects on both surfaces and engines into their models quite successfully.

    Just because the default package doesn’t support, well, much, actually, does not mean it cannot be modelled using an external tool or internal code to do the calculations and manage the effects.

  3. Simulating whit Lift and Drag and Fuel consumptions chancing ?

    And how stabel is the FS-X with this extra program source coding ?

    a good test pilot is always in training

  4. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

    However, that doesn’t prevent it existing and it doesn’t make a developer a “donat” (or donut/doughnut if spelt correctly) if they release a product as and when they feel it is ready.

  5. We will see if the able to bring it out this year ore next ore in 2 ore more years.

    I see the posting from Flight Sim Labs on ther hompage since May 23 2010 now we closed to 2013 ?

    a good test pilot is always in training

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