Poll of user preferences for FSX jetways

Neither the press release nor the forum post actually say who is running this poll, but someone in the industry wants user feedback on the use of jetways in FSX sceneries – or more precisely what people want/are prepared to accept within add-ons.

If you’re interested in making your preferences known, visit the International FSX Jetway Poll.

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  1. That is a strange poll since it does not mention anywhere GSX which is the competitor of AES, hence it is biased and leads to a very “logical” result!!!

  2. However GSX uses standard FSX (or whatever the scenery has) jetways, which are operated by the user, unlike AES’s automated ones. Therefore it really isn’t relevant to the poll.

  3. Ian, please read how the poll questions are being asked.

    In reality the questions are leading to the answer favoring AES. If AES is mentioned with the name of Oliver Pabst, it is not a coincidence, a balanced survey would also mention GSX, but in so doing would affect AES credit business model.

    “Default FSX” means that jetways are mobile (hence accommodating GSX users) and yes they should be standard in add-on sceneries, the same way engine sounds are standard in aircraft add-ons (although sound payware are available if one desires) but it does not mean they have to look like the default FSX, and this is that nuance that is left out of the poll.

    I am somewhat surprised that this question should even be necessary when scenery designers spend so much time on unnecessary parts which do not add any value to the simmers.

  4. Seriously, Jean-Claude. Do you actually use GSX? I suspect from your posts that you do, in which case you know full well that there is no interaction between GSX and the airport’s jetway at all. It reminds you to activate it. That’s all.

    GSX is completely irrelevant to a poll about jetway functionality and needs no reference to it at all.

    AES jetways are automated and move when a set series of conditions are met (aircraft parked at the gate, engine off, parking brake on). That is the difference between an AES-type jetway and a default-type jetway which you activate by pressing a key combination.

    You’re looking far too hard for a conspiracy here.

    On the other hand, I agree entirely with other parts of your post. I would have thought that most of those options are superfluous. A commercial scenery without at least default jetways (which are very easy to place… I can do it!) where they should be present would be very poorly received indeed.

    I can see why it would be worth asking whether people would prefer automated gates a’la AES (which could still work with GSX, if the other AES functionality wasn’t present) or manually controlled “default” gates, but fixed gates, and asking whether people are prepared to pay more for the functionality? All more than a little superfluous to what could easily be a three or four answer poll.

  5. Just to clarify Ian, I own 12 AES credits bought on Simmarket, meaning that I spent more than 120 € in this product for FS9, whereas with 30 € all my FSX airports – add-ons and stock – COULD be equipped with complete ground services if some scenery designers were not omitting the jetways so as to give Oliver Pabst the job and revenue for what is an FSX standard.

    Whether this is a “conspiracy” or not, I believe that I spent enough on this (simple) AES software to have the right to voice my opinion and that of many other GSX users who feel “tricked” by this business approach.

  6. You’re having your say. No-one is stopping you. The fact that your target is both misaimed and inaccurate is the point I’m trying to get you to understand.

    You made your own choices about what to buy. You do now as well. No-one “forces” you to get anything. No-one “forced” you to buy AES credits. AES does a lot more than FSX “standard”. So does GSX. GSX does things that AES doesn’t. AES does things that GSX doesn’t.

    One of the things that GSX does NOT do is ANYTHING to do with Jetways. Which is why you are completely off the mark on this thread with your complaints that GSX is somehow “missing” from the list.

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