X-Plane 10.20 supports 64bits systems

Go tickle your Update button of X-Plane 10. It should suggest you to go version 10.20 to support 64bit systems. What does this mean ? Modern computer hardware can support more complex data communications between components, to allow larger memory management for instance. If needed, X-Plane hosts a 64bit FAQ to answer all questions you may wonder about.

Or you can step directly to the update process. The X-Plane developers blog has also a post about the 64bit move of X-Plane !

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  1. Just minor semantics but it should be 64-bit not 64-bits.
    Also X-Plane give the “weaker” reason for upgrading to 64-bit ie so that X-Plane can use more thatn 4GB of Physical RAM, but more importantly it can now utilise up to 16TB of Virtual Address Space (VAS) which is brilliant.
    Apologies for being pedantic.

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