DOM-GNL #35 – Martinsville

Things are really building to a climax now as the end approaches of Robert Graf’s first full season in the iRacing DOM-GNL (German NASCAR League) series.

We’ve been following his progress throughout the season, but has Martinsville brought him closer to putting the simFlight liveried Impala in the top group of finishers, or is he sliding down the rankings…? You’ll have to press “Read more” to find out!

Never say never. Actually I had no training for this race, cause I had caught a cold, so training was off the menu on Wednesday. After a afternoons sleep on Thursday, I was just fit enough to at least try to have a go, strapped myself in and was quite surprised to put my car up to 10th place in qualifying.

On race start, I held back to check out my tires on a long run and I let some cars by. Caution came early after only 3 laps, but nothing happened to me. Over the next couple of laps I was following the TOP10 fighting each other. I maintened the minimum gap possible, but did not try to gain something so early in the race.

Second yellow came in lap 80, way before my fuel window and I stayed out to get a lap back. But it didnt matter. When the fuel window came I had been just as fast as the guys who had pitted. But a yellow safed me in lap 118, so at least I did not to have to go the “fuel” distance (about 140 laps) on one set of tires. Up to that point the car was running very good, especially after 30 laps into a stint I started to catch up with the other guys.

Then it was time to pit under green. Just before the stop I had passed Hauke Grotheer for 9th after following close for most of the stint. Coming out of the pits, 8th spot seemed to be out of reach, Thomas Mandl was more then a lap ahead. But he had some damage (see picture) and during the next 50 laps I got my lap back and overtook him with just 20 laps to go. Then I just cruised to the line, being very pleased with 8th place. Another TOP10!

Championshipwise my team has taken 2nd place in the overall standings (the next team trailing by just 7.5 pts) and i’m just 8 points shy of 10th. So Kentucky will be interesting.


Last race in Kentucky is broadcasted LIVE at WebRacingNetwork on Saturday, Dec 15th, starting at 2:30pm EST or 8:30pm CET.

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