Monday’s new releases

We’ve got quite a varied collection to report on from simmarket today, covering all three major sims, plus a train.

We’ll stick with the site’s primary focus first and what is now actually one of a number of F-111s on the market. GKS‘s is different from most, however, with a large number of systems modelled and included. You can check out a video of the aircraft above. It comes in two different packs; the Standard Edition, which contains a number of repaints, fixed loadouts and no paintkit, plus the Collector’s Edition, which includes double the repaints plus some more features including an expanded weapon control system.

Real Environment Xtreme have released the FS9/2004 version of their REX + Overdrive package, to improve the look of your sim with both over 3Gb of replacement/improved textures and a weather engine to more accurately recreate the air around you as you fly. Among the features listed for the product are improved volumetric cloud creation, tropical reef simulation and an ability to work with other weather generation applications if desired. Check it out here.

On to X-Plane now and AWG SimulationsTerrain Europe XP. Developed from OpenStreetMap data and with added autogen, the team’s first entry into the XP10 market (although it does not yet support 10.20/64-bit) covers almost the entire continent with regionally appropriate scenery. To top off the effect, they have added a HD glacier texture to highlight these areas for you to find.

Finally, moving from the air to the rails, we have Virtual RailroadsAlco RS-11 Road Switcher. This high quality locomotive which, although listed as a shunting unit, actually carries out both mainline passenger and freight operations as well, is for Train Simulator 2012/2013 – the Horseshoe Curve route add-on is required if you wish to use the four included activities with the package. Whether you do so or not, the virtual cab comes with an array of controls to allow you to operate in a realistic manner should you wish to get away from the standard “HUD” controls of the sim.

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