Airbus X Extended available NOW



It’s a new product released by Aerosoft : Airbus X Extended is available at simMarket NOW !

Owner of the Airbus X of 2010 through simMarket ? You are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 16.76 (VATexcl).

NEW features : new fly-by-wire; new MCDU/FMGC, SIDs/STARs, OP CLB/OP DES + FPA/TRK autopilot modes, Runway Advisory System, Interactive check-lists, Pilot/Copilot voices, CFM and IAE engines, Sharklet wings, new VC details and textures, new ADIRS alignement displays …

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I’d leave it be till they sort out the bugs, they’ve released it too early, got it on release date, it looks great, but thats about it, churns up 5 times more power than my PMDG 747/737, seperate panels do not work with keyboard commands in instruction file, EDDF/LOWW flight, screen froze every 30 seconds for a minute at a time on approach. Once they sort these problems out I think it will be an Airbus gift

I LOVE IT, I WANT IT. Lets see if i can keep that finger of the “BUY NOW” button until FSLabs has its version out. But i probably can’t. 😉