No PMDG 777 in 2012 but more features announced

PMDG_Boeing_777Robert S. Randazzo broke PMDG silence of the past 2 months with some news about their development group.

The PMDG 777 is about to be introduced to their Technical Advisors team made of 777 certified pilots or instructors, engineers in charge of 777 maintenance …. And this stage comes before the Beta with their second team of testers. This means they won’t release this year… but they have moved already a part of their developers from the 777 to the 747-400 V2 project. No newer screenshots today, but they will come shortly. Anyway, he detailed a bit more the level of systems and failures depth you can expect, and it sounds good ! Features : Fly-by-wire : Normal / Secondary / Direct flight control system modes and respective consequences on controls input, failures occurrencies according to the real fleet data, flight behaviour may be affected upon remaining systems available, systems redundancy automatic in-flight management and respective messages displayed after landing ..

The DC-6 and then the 747-400 V2 will follow the 777 release in this order, and a secret project for X-Plane is being designed as well.

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  1. I am one of those who never expected the 777 this year, but big thanks for the information.

    PMDG only releases finished products and always sets a new benchmark in authenticity.

    The wait is not a problem, I certainly do not consider it a delay.

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