Orbx World announced

Orbx-LogoWe can apparently expect a “proper” announcement of this at the start of next year, but over at the Orbx forums, John Venema has announced a globe-spanning product for the Orbx line-up.

Some people seem to be expecting miracles from Orbx Global, as is usually the case, but what has actually been announced with some preview screenshots is a set of replacement textures for the entire planet’s landclass system. While this will, undoubtedly, improve the look of many areas, it is not as some seem to believe, going to completely correct the entire planet. As part of the discussion, however, it has been stated that further releases will be made to support the base product which may possibly include improved landclass positioning and terrain mesh.

More details can be found on this thread at the Orbx forums (login required) and on this new page.

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