X-Plane being sued for patent infringement ?

x-planeCopyrights and patents registration have been set to protect the creativity of authors, to ensure they earn the revenues of their creations to develop some more. Logical and balanced until the process is not hijacked.

According to, Laminar Research – that has published X-Plane since 1994, currently in sale for PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android – is sued by Uniloc for patent infringement of the technology “using Android-based phone and tablet apps that require communication with a server to perform a license check“. Uniloc webpage mentions “Uniloc is in the business of finding big ideas. […] Look at many ideas. Pick an outstanding one. Patent it. Commercialize it. Reap the rewards.” Eight other companies like Electronic Arts are also being sued by Uniloc for the same reason. adds that “The patent in dispute did not originate with Uniloc but was owned by another software company. Uniloc acquired it in 2012, “and promptly thereafter initiated the instant lawsuit,” the defense attorneys wrote.” Smart business model when you don’t create anything, just buy patents to sue for infringement !

Austin Meyer, founder of Laminar Research may have to spend between 200.000$ and 1.000.000$ to fight the case.

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  1. The only other real competition to the dead Flight Simulator franchise may in danger of folding with a price tag of $200,000 to $1,000,000 to fight this. This is something our community does not need. I would give X-Plane two more versions to really become a mainstream simulator. I really want them to continue. It’s amazing how things can get blown out of proportion threatening the foundation of a company.

  2. You know I was really againts xplane because of certain reasons, but this poor man 🙁 its really sad to see because if you are making a living off simulator products im pretty sure you wouldnt have a million dollars walking around. :/

  3. Is it really fair to patent the use of an app that checks a licensing server? I believe that is a little too general, and with luck, won’t stand once examined by the law.

  4. “Smart business model when you don’t create anything, just buy patents to sue for infringement!”

    No comments.

  5. These guys will soon learn they have picked on the wrong guy. “Principle” is very important to Austin. When he digs his heels in, there is no budging him. Refreshing to say the least. He’s fighting what amounts to modern day extortion. We all ought to do everything within our our power to support Austin, as his cause is ours too.

    1. I was at a loss for words to comment on this Uniloc line of business. But, Mike, you’ve said right: EXTORTION.

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