Upcoming patch for Euro Truck Simulator 2


Two additional trucks manufacturers will join the official brands found in Euro Truck Simulator 2 : Volvo and Iveco.

Only the Mercedes Actros will still need an unofficial mod after the next patch to look like the real model instead of the Majestic. Oh, and they will check online the keys now when you apply the patch. People driving without their paid licence will get stuck.

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  1. Simply awesome (not!). They totally ignored each and every suggestion/wish posted over at their forum. Instead you get some eff-inf DRM Measures and useless brand names. Disappointed.

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    1. This kind of DRM will just check online the validity of key, so if you have a correct one it will only disturb people who is playing ETS2 on unconnected PCs (which must impact a few people only now). 2 new brands useless ? I guess no, not all users know and add mods, AND it makes the manufacturers become more friendly with digital games 🙂 Instead of useless, I would just say Iveco models are not looking appealing. hehe Worse is the Poland map expansion for me .. but I’ll buy it, just to make them design Scandinavia and more Western Europe cities in France and Spain / Italy 🙂

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