Airbus X Extended Company Route Editor 1.01

AXE_Company Route Editor

Registered users of Airbus X Extended received a notification to download the unofficial tool Company Route Editor 1.01.

It’s not supported by Aerosoft because it’s coded by an external developer, but it allows you to create, edit and delete Company Routes supported by the Airbus X Extended FMGC.

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  1. j’ai télécharger societe Route éditor 1.01.
    Comment je dois fair pourl’installer merci pour une réponse de votre part

    1. Hi,
      Just unzip to the folder of your choice. Double click “AXE Corte Editor.exe”. Accept “OK” at the first launch to create the INI file.
      Then fill in the blank fields according to your flight plan. And take as example the existing route EDDFLOWW01. There you’ll see you have to write LFPG08R as departure runway for instance. In the last routing field, write down the waypoints and airways you have between your SID and STAR.
      Save Route, and save to Corte.txt .
      Now in the AXE FMGC, INIT page, type your route name, it may be like ‘LFPGEGLL01’ (LFPG Paris CDG / EGLL Heathrow). And click the button in front of CO RTE (LSK 1L). In F-PLN page you should see your route now.

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