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The famous developer Eric Marciano have brought airliners systems and utilities for FS for many years.

In 2013, he launches Easy FMC. It can be installed on any aircraft panel of your choice in FSX and FS2004. It uses the default navigation database, and is inserted with a dedicated utility so you don’t have to edit manually any panel.cfg. In flight, create your flight plan from scratch, add or delete waypoints, use the “direct to” waypoint to skip a planned waypoint.

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    1. I guess because it keeps it simple to use and then free not to update (although I read some people offering to update FS default navdata. Another hint is that it aims at simmers that don’t need / are not interested in an updated navdata. See, it aims at default aircraft and third party freeware panels to be equipped with a simple FMC.

  1. E. Marciano… the guy who screwed up Wilco Airbus… guy who can make nothing worth money… ha ha ha.. no thanks.. Ill pass!!!

  2. I still don’t get why people assume that most people use updated navdata.

    They don’t. A small minority use updated navdata.

  3. I would neither mind the FSX default database nor the “light” approach (being more or less a front end for the FSX internal flight planner / GPS)… if there wasn’t a FREE download at avsim from 2009 which does more or less the same. Look for “Honewell FMC”.
    True, there might be differences… but as a “light” simmer I do not intend to invest money to find them out.

  4. Hi Eric, Please contact me as I’m having great difficulty in installing EasyFMC. Additionally, I’m directed to a site wanting a registration number. When I purchased the product and there was no registration number sent to me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sebastien, I did send him email at, but as of yet haven’t received a response. By any chance do you know anything about wanting Airbus fonts to complete the install and about requiring a registion number? Thank you.

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