DC-3 Hangar update and news

DC3HangarTrevor Morson of The DC-3 Hangar has been in contact to announce a facelift to the long-standing and well regarded site.

“The DC-3 Hangar” web site at has been given a face lift. There is information of another massive DC-3 gathering at an airshow in Topeka, Kansas, US, scheduled for August 1st to 4th, 2013. DC-3 fans will not want to miss this event! For the first time ever, two out of 17 – DC-3/C-47’s attending, will be in ‘Pan Am’ livery, side by side. DC-3 rides are also available.

See Trev Morson’s popular DC-3 site for all of details.

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  1. Trev Morson’s DC-3 web site is a wonderful resource and has been for many years, I rememeber years ago when he was part of the simflight staff here too! – thanks for posting.

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