Orbx Southern Alaska released

ORB-722_pic8Covering more than 200,000 square miles, the new NA Blue Southern Alaska product from Orbx‘s “Full Terrain” line-up  stretches from Anchorage to Juneau along the southern coast of Alaska, as the name would suggest. Canadian fliers will also be pleased to know that not insubstantial areas of their states bordering the area are included as well.

With the usual team joined by Jon Patch, who has created a custom Skagway scenery for the pack and compatibility with Tongass Fjords X, this is another area that may well appeal to the bush fliers amongst the FS crowd, while including a number of larger airports, as well, for those who prefer larger aircraft. This page at Orbx’s website has full details.

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  1. Finally, Glacier Bay gets its FSX treatment. The area around Skagway and Juneau is one of the best for bush flying. Cant remember how many hours i clocked in that region in FS9, but it was lots with different version of Cubs, Scouts and Maules, be it skis, floats or tundra tires. Cant wait to have a go in FSX and rediscover the landscape.

  2. Yep, my old regular VA run to Muddy Lake is now firmly back on the cards… Just as soon as I’ve dragged the A2A Civilian Mustang up from Port Hardy to Juneau, running through the full set, then I’ll swap to something with slightly better short field performance and I’m off to old FS9 stomping grounds as well!

  3. If anything will be able to convince me to make the definite jump from FS9 to FSX it will be these ORBX alaskan sceneries! Only money has kept me from migrating and keep the old puter flying FS9. But a recent videocard change made a huge difference and FSX is behaving much better. I am so tempted to invest in this…

    I hope they will be able to make northern alaska! Countless hours were flown between Anchorage and Rainy Pass, Skwentna, Finger Lake, Rhon, McGrath, Unalakleet, Nome…

  4. I bought this yesterday and only had time for a quick look at Juneau and Skagway. And while the small icebergs at the glacier behind Juneau were missing, the rest of Juneau was astonishing, down to the running lights for the curved approach. Skagway looked so close to its FS9 counterpart, i really was thinking: Am i really in FSX?. Even the railway track is there, nicly carved into the side of the mountain.

    Cant wait to scout around more in my Islander.

  5. So far ITS GREAT. Took the train in Skagway few years back and flew up the route. Rafted on the Mendenhall in Juneau, saw the bridge we got out at. Its pretty awesome how far we have come in addons.

  6. i was wondering does it come with any AI traffic at all?? also do you need anything apart from FSX to run this product if not im purcahsing straight away 🙂

  7. It will work with the default AI, but doesn’t contain any additional traffic of its own.

    You need nothing other than FSX to use Orbx scenery, although SP2 will almost certainly be required, due to the fixes included with it.

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