Ground Environment X – World Edition boxes


The new World Edition of Ground Environment X are ready for shipping ! A large part of textures have been replaced with new source date, and there are even enhancements in colors, tones, trees, forests.Ā The four regions of GEX can be ordered at simMarket : Europe, North America, Africa and Middle East Atlantic and Pacific Tropics.

The Classic Airliner DC-9 box developed by Coolsky and McPhat Studios is also now available in the shop.

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  1. Why is GEX Europe 10 Euros more than the other three areas? Europe is roughly the same size as the US but costs more. Why?

  2. Hi Ray,
    I am not sure if it’s the right explanation, but my guess is that Europe shows distinctive styles of urbanism, of agricultures, and made it more complex to cover an area that is quite large as well. FS default world in Europe is also less developed than US. Start line was more far away and the progress curve steeper. Add to this a bit of marketing, European customers are more willing to upgrade their ugly default and local scenery.
    I hope the projects you’re involved in will get back on track soon ;).

  3. Hi Sebastien,

    Thanks for your explanation. I suppose Europe is far more populated than the US and therefore may involve more work to make it look better than the default. But the extra 10 Euros just looks like a convenient price hike. An explanation by the manufacturer would have been welcome.

    Yes, I also hope that project comes alive again this summer.

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