New Life at WoAI

woains25-1Following a domain transfer and upgrade to new website and forum software, freeware AI fans will be pleased to know that World of AI are back releasing packages – although they are at pains to make clear that they use models, flight plans and paints of others, just creating the package themselves.

Centurion Cargo and Aegean Airlines are the latest package releases, more about which – along with their other downloads – can be found at their website.

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  1. Pleasant surprise that new releases are be made. My only wish is they would update the models and FDE’s to work specifically for FSX/P3D. While I still use everything they have you can see some wear and tear (incompatibilities), when using them in FSX/P3D.

    A “tip-of-the-wing” to all those who participated in this huge project throughout the many years. Changed the face of my simming experience. Truly a shining star of what this community can due when they work together.


  2. As they say on their site, Clutch – they actually don’t do anything but package others’ models (including the FDEs, etc.) so you’d presumably have to get each model developer to do that individually.

    More importantly, unless they have changed policy along with everything else, none of the freeware AI packages are actually compatible with FSX/P3D. They appear to work, but as they actually use FS8 .bgl files for the flight plans, they actually block true FSx/P3D traffic from displaying. In order to see anything but WoAI or MAIW of whatever you choose traffic (i.e. FS8/9 format), you’ll need to convert the BGLs to FSX SDK ones, which are quite different internally.

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