Majestic Software MJC8 Q400


The official website is online to promote the turboprop Q400 about to be released by Majestic Software.

Now we know sales will be opened at simMarket on April 20th, you can spend some time on the different versions features and preview medias of Pilot, Pro and Training Editions.

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  1. Has Simmarket determined upgrade pricing from pilot to pro once the latter is released? A competitor has announced that they will only charge the actual difference in retail price between the two. This is a great offer since many of us would want the pro from the get go, but it will to be available for a few months after the release of the pilot edition. Will simmarket match this?

  2. Hi Fred,
    I believe it will be the same policy everywhere including simMarket. As we wrote on past Jan 31st, Majestic planned to ask the price difference + 20 EUR upgrade fee.

  3. There’s a problem at the moment because at last minute the developers changed the way that they want simMarket to sell the product. I can’t much more at the moment, there are “discussions” taking place, but the problem is at the developer’s end, not simMarket’s. Basically they want to penalise more than half of their customers by making them pay more for the same product than customers in another part of the world.

  4. And I’m rather pleased to announce that the discussions have been a success, so the link above is now live for EU customers and there’s a separate one for customers outside the EU… Details on the release announcement.

    All the fun of EU rules and regs!

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