New Charlotte from ImagineSim

108725_image003ImagineSim‘s latest release for Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 is a rebuild of their Charlotte Douglas International Airport, KCLT, in North Carolina, USA.

With 5cm/pixel texturing on the custom buildings, 3d approach lighting, airport vehicles and ground personnel, along with active docking systems, the airport is a major upgrade from the previous version and, as such, is not available as an update or upgrade to previous versions’ users. Full details can be found on the product page.

0 Responses

  1. Wish they would update KEWR and stop dodging it. KEWR is the most needed airport in their stable that needs a serious update. The in sim performance of this airport is terrible in FS9 on top of that there is no FSX version.

  2. Without commenting on the ‘most needed’ part, because I really can’t, I have to agree with you regarding the performance of their EWR in FS9.

    The airport used to be my default entry point into the virtual US in previous versions of the sim (I never get chance to fly the Atlantic these days!) but after the horrible framerates that I experienced in FS9, I switched to KBOS and, after a very short time, never visited EWR at all. It would be nice to see a good version back.

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