A2A Simulations announce new desktop sim from AOPA, Redbird Flight Simulations

In a press release today, A2A Simulations have announced that they are working with parters AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) and Redbird Flight Simulations to develop the AOPA JAY desktop simulator, starting with the Cessna C172R/S models.

As part of the announcement for the system, as you can see in the video above, members of the A2A team travelled to the annual “Sun’n Fun” event in Lakeland, Florida. In case you’ve ever wondered what rush hour would look like with aircraft instead of cars, take a look!

For details of the announcement, the full press release can be read by clicking “Read more”, below.

A2A’s latest Accu-Sim technology branches out into general aviation fleets with AOPA and Redbird Simulators


Redbird Flight Simulations has partnered with the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) to create a new desktop simulator, called the “AOPA JAY” by Redbird.  This new product has generated plenty of enthusiasm from top aviation organizations including the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), Flying Magazine, IFR Magazine, Pilot Workshops, King Schools, National Association of Flight Instructors, Experimental Aircraft Association, Sennheiser Aviation, and the American Bonanza Society.


Redbird and A2A established a working relationship when they developed the popular 75th Anniversary Piper Cub motion simulator at Oshkosh 2012; both companies look forward to this new product venture. Starting with the Cessna 172R/S, A2A will bring the most complete and accurate flying experience to pilots who train on Redbird’s commercial flight simulation hardware. This hardware is already being used with great success in flight schools around the world.


Every aircraft has a personality, a story to tell.  The insane detail in A2A aircraft tells those stories, and you truly get to know the aircraft,” said Brandon Seltz, Microsoft Flight Designer / Director of Scenario Development for Redbird Media.


Accu-Sim technology fused with Redbird’s outstanding range of commercial simulation hardware raises the bar to a new level, not yet experienced by flight school students.  Redbird and A2A are two companies that develop products with passion for aviation and a commitment to realism.  Now the aviation community shares the same intense anticipation for Accu-Sim that we’ve seen within our core flight simulation community for years.  The two worlds of pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts are finally sharing the same space, and this is a day we have been working hard to make happen for the better part of a decade,” said Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations Inc.


Accu-Sim enables flight training to take place in a living and breathing aircraft environment where you’ll swear you have a physical engine rumbling under the hood bolted to the airframe, and driving a heavy prop.  Additionally, the advanced sound environment means not only does every lever, dial, and switch produce an authentic sound, but squeaks and rumbles have purpose.  It is this “orchestra of sound” that feeds a pilot with information not always shown on instruments.  And just like a real aircraft, once you are accustomed to what sounds and feels correct, any unfamiliar sound or vibration in the cockpit will quickly grab your attention.  This is where science and art come together to create that special X factor in the close relationship between pilot and airplane,” said Lewis Bloomfield of A2A Simulations Inc.

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