Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pilot Edition released

Following a few last minute “conversations”, as our readers may have seen on the earlier thread, we’re pleased to be able to say that the Majestic DASH 8 Q400 Pilot Edition  for FSX is now available from the virtual shelves at simMarket.

The Majestic “Dash 8” Pilot Edition is the first and lowest complexity of what will ultimately be a three-tier series, without the failure modes and additional complexity of the “Pro” edition or, as the name implies, the full system depth and utilities of the “Training” edition, aimed at real world pilots of the type.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the Pilot Edition isn’t a serious simulation. With a custom flight dynamics module operating outside the simulator engine, Majestic have avoided the limited capabilities and issues inherent to turboprop modelling within FSX and have built considerable complexity on top. The package comes with 17 liveries, custom sounds, an updatable nav database (via Navigraph) and much more. You can see the full feature set and get your copy here for EU customers, or here for customers outside the EU.

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  1. Just purchased Majestic’s Q400. Looks great with excellent graphics. I would like to know how to connect external power unit as I cannot find any power even when I followed the YouTube clip then take her flor a fly. Any ideas?

  2. If you use the FMS its on the options there to select the GPU, wait a few seconds and you’ll see it appear in front of the aircraft

  3. Reading the manual is simply NOT an option. You have bought a sophisticated addon that has many catches and hidden features.
    You must use the tools made available.

  4. I can’t activate – keep getting “Order Not Found” – I guess this is to do with their current problems?

  5. Apparently that’s a different problem, David. I just checked with sM support and they were told that the activation server is up and running again, but if you are still having problems, there’s a temporary work around.

    If you log back in to simMarket, you should find an additional download – an offline installer tool.

    Copy and paste from information received earlier about this issue, crossposted from sM’s Facebook page:


    to overcome Majestics current activation server problem please utilize the following offline installer:

    You will find this file temporarily in your order details: mjc8-400-Pilot-1_005-offline_inst.exe

    please download and install.

    Please make sure you enter your last name and email address exactly as used in the order process. The order number requested is your simMarket order number.

    Please email the partial key number and the order number to support(at) in order to obtain your installation key for the PC you are installing on


    1. It isn’t anything in US$ on either site. One is priced in Euros, the other in GB£. However, the developer sets the price, not the vendor, so talk to them about what they decided to do and how they decided to do it!

      1. Both sites do list the USD price, because that s how I was able to see the two different prices for each site.

        1. Sorry, I wasn’t particularly clear there. What you are seeing when you look at the prices in anything other than GB£ or EU€ is a conversion done to an exchange rate by the website. You are always billed in the local currency of the site, regardless of whether you select to show US$ on the screen or not. This is part of the reason you see a difference – the US$ is weaker against one currency than the other at this time. However different conversion sites also have different exchange rates, which causes an additional difference. I just converted both prices to US$ on a bank website and got vastly different rates to those quoted here, again.

          The fact still stands, however, that the price is set by the developer – in a vendor’s local currency – not by the vendor themselves, so if there are differences, it’s because the developer set them.

        2. simMarket deals in EUROS only, other currencies are shown for reference only, the valid product is always the Euro value only.

          about the pricing policy of the specific product you need to talk to the seller/developer as Ian already wrote.

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