Aerosoft – Airbus projects A318 up to A330

Aerosoft-logoIn Aerosoft forums, the future Airbus projects were quickly mentioned when the Airbus X Extended development was going on. The German publisher will take advantage of their actual base of A320 and A321 to expand their Airbus family for FSX and P3D.

In the chronological order, here’s what they are planning:

  • in a few weeks : AXE A320/A321 patch 1.10 : new models and liveries, VNAV reworked, and updated manuals
  • Fall 2013 : A318 / A319 pack with new systems : weather and terrain radars, 50% off for AXE customers,
  • early Winter 2013 : AXE A320/A321 version 1.20, with the systems developed for A318/A319, free upgrade for AXE customers
  • 2014 : A330 in the same kind of AXE philosophy : fine 3D models and relative complexity
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