Sim Physics X version 1.1 released

FSPS have updated their Sim Physics X product to version 1.1, bringing a number of updates and fixes to the engine which adds simulations of weather and environmental effects to MS FSX with SP2.

The package includes icing simulation, runway contamination, brake overheating, visual head effects and a whole raft of other additions, along with methods of counteracting them in the form of de-icing, anti-skid, etc. You can find out more and purchase your copy, if you don’t already own a license, here.

0 Responses

  1. Great add-on and fantastic support in my humble opinion! Now with this upgrade you can use the de-ice feature with all aircraft! And it adds ice building feature on the ground and the de-ice simulation too on the ground! Thanks guys! I hope to try it during this weekend 😉

  2. Indeed. Such additions are what makes FSX great.

    Type I fluid checked, type IV checked, all clear captain we are protected for 30 minutes , here we go!

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