UK2000 Luton released

110359_gw19Along with Stansted, it may be the butt of many national jokes, but Luton Airport (LTN/EGGW) is one of the busiest in the UK and is home to many budget and regional operators, as well as many business jets and charter aircraft.

As usual with UK2000‘s “Xtreme” scenery packages for FS2004 and X, Luton comes with many custom structures, full custom ground textures and a lot of extra features such as ground traffic, animations and appropriate traffic. Full details can be found here.

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  1. The first reason is the slightly silly description that they are regularly given of “London” in front of the name… “London Luton”, “London Stansted”, etc.

    None of them have particularly good connections to London via public transport, so this causes a lot of rude comments. Secondly, because they are the ‘cheap option’ – Luton in particular spawned the package holiday in the UK – they are renowned for delays, cancellations, confusion and being general nightmares to travel through.

    As package holidays have expanded throughout the country, it’s probably a little unfair to pick out Luton and Stansted for all the rude comments they receive, but unfortunately they’re stuck with them, no matter how good (or otherwise, depending on your experience!) they really are these days.

  2. OK, I see 🙂 Not unlike Charleroi airport (EBCI) in Belgium, called “Brussels South” even though it’s nowhere near Brussels (relatively speaking, given the postage stamp size of Belgium); and it’s also a Ryanair hub. Apparently, in 2012 Skytrax awarded Charleroi as third best low-cost airport, after Luton and Stansted! I can’t recall any jokes made about Charleroi, only criticism because Ryanair received a lot of subsidies from the Walloon regional government.

    Apart from all that, I envy all the marvelous FS sceneries available for the UK (and certainly now that ORBX got into the game). Luton (the scenery) looks stunning.

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