Carenado new project for FSX/P3D


Carenado has a new project displayed on their homepage.

The Beech 1900D will be able to fly in FSX and Prepar3d skies, when he receives the textures and the virtual cockpit at least !

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  1. No FS9 version available? Most of the planes are and I’m grateful for that, however, would be nice if this one were as I really like the Beech 1900…

    1. Carenado always release for P3D/FSX first – by far the largest market – and then convert to X-Plane and FS9. As they are doing a very good job of supporting the other two sims, however, I would thoroughly expect it to be along for FS9 and XP10 as well.

      I presume you are aware of the PMDG aircraft that they would be directly competing against for FS9?

  2. Yup, there is a posibility that it will be released for FS9, X-plane later, I don’t think the conversion is as difficult as let’s say a 777.

    You’re right about the PMDG competition, but that plane is rather old with default gauges, so I suppose there might be a market for a newer 1900D. But not as huge…

  3. The 1900 is a very popular aircraft, so I don’t think it’s going to be a poor seller on any platform, let’s put it that way!

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