Majestic DASH 8Q 400 updated to 1.007

108373_image020Majestic Software are continuing development of their extremely well received DASH 8Q 400 package for FSX, bringing it up to version 1.007 with a long list of fixes and improvements.

Amongst the changes are a whole mass of systems improvements covering gauges, the FMS, database changes and more, along with sound fixes and an option in the installer to select wing view or no wing view models. The update comes as a full new installer, which can be downloaded from the shop at which you obtained your copy. simFlight customers should have already received an e-mail with details of the update, a full list of the contents of which can be found by clicking “Read more“, below. If you haven’t yet got this superb add-on, you can find out more by clicking here.

Q400 version 1.007

As a result of the continuous development and improvement done to our product, we would like to bring to your attention that the new version of the MJC8 Q400 can now be downloaded and used.

This version fixes the numerous issues, found in the previous MJC8-Q400 add-on releases.

The changes from the previous 1.006 version are grouped in the following categories:



+ Database access framework is migrated to a newer platform

+ FDE System: Fixed incorrect Heading on reposition

+ Sound will not mute during the video (or instant) playback

+ Interfaced the speed bug values to be used scripts (see the updated .xls file, EFIS system)

+ Added Windows 7 sound compatibility setting (mjc84.ini SOUND section) to address the reported Windows 7 sound problems



+ Numerous approach selection fixes (approach types will be identified correctly)

+ Fixed the airways selection

+ Fixed the approach points sequencing logic

+ Approach mode HSI sensitivity is up 50%

+ SIDs will be filtered correctly, based on the runway (ex. LFPG with too many listed SIDs)

+ NAV page will be updated upon the SID selection, or FP deletion

+ Fixed the Track to Fix logic when the previous wpt is of a dynamic type

+ LNAV and VNAV approach activation method is updated

+ Runway MAP point will lead to the landing zone, not the rwy threshold

+ VNAV logic is adjusted for smoother approach following

+ Procedural Turn leg will allow for an intermediate waypoint between the turn zone and the turn reference navaid (some approaches have errors of this kind (CYQM 06ILS). Only done when flying the approach. Terminal PTurns will be flown normally

+ Fixed the holds with the time entry

+ Entering the hold at non-hold wpt will create a prior wpt prior to the hold, to fly to before entering the hold

+ VTO Page: Fixed the waypoints listing for selection

+ VNAV disconnect due to momentarily incorrect VNAV distance upon VNAV approach engagement fixed

+ Included the new Nav Data database. Important: the Navigraph Nav database included in the 1.006 contained missing navaids. Please use the included in the 1.007 database, or re-download your navadata from Navigraph to obtain the latest



+ ISI: During initialization the A/C field will indicate the dll version (ex. 1.007)



+ From point will be displayed on the ND

+ Procedural Turn and HOLD leg bearing/distance indication fixed



+ Sample Flight Tutorial is updated to use a correct STAR procedure



+ Installer now allows selection of 2 Virtual Cockpit versions (wing view/no wing view)

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    1. that’s why you should always buy where it is the quickest -> simMarket 🙂

      1. That’s why SimMarket was the very last shop who added the Dash? Sorry to disagree Miguel, SimMarket lost against all others in respect of “being the quickest” 😉

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