Lionheart’s Fairchild 24, now available

111387_lionheart_fairchild24_08If you follow Lionheart Creations‘ William Ortis on social media, you may well be aware that he hit a minor snag with this one a short while ago, as well as the fact that as a subject aircraft, the Fairchild 24 is an aircraft close to his heart – his parents restored an example from rotting to flight in the 1960s.

Now, however, we’re pleased to be able to announce that it is available for the rest of us to fly as well – in the simulated worlds of FSX and P3D, at least

The package comes with… “a number”… of variants (37, to be precise!), covering models with and without wheel spats, on floats, inline or radial engines, bush aircraft, military airframes; you won’t be stuck for choices with this one! Also included are vintage instrumentation including an ASI switchable between scales and much to much more to list here – take a look at the product page for full details and to purchase a copy.

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