Aerosoft release a new Seabee

112310_seabee-12Slightly unusual looking it may be, but the Republic RC-3 Seabee is one of the most iconic aircraft ever built.

The little amphibian may have been out of production for over 65 years, indeed it was only built from 1945 to 1947, but it is still popular today, with repairs and restorations actually increasing the number flying. This new model was developed by KC Flight Shop and published through Aerosoft for FSX and P3D. Its features include full 3d gauges replicating the original aircraft’s instrument panel, a switchable passenger, high quality sounds and extensive documentation. It has also been designed to be compatible with add-on hardware and shared cockpit. You will, however, need the PC it is installed to connected to the internet, as online activation is required.

Full details can be found on the product page.

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  1. One might also add that its creator, Kevin Mills, and someone named stonelance, are trying to incorporate the Seabee into MS Flight, as incredible as that may seem. At the moment they’re still struggling with the flight model, I think. If they ever succeed in converting MS FSX planes into MS Flight planes, MS Flight may have a kind of after-life after all!

  2. Isn’t “stonelance” the ex ACES developer who created the tool used to inject repaints into Flight? If so, they’ve picked a good one to work with. It could be argued that the Icon A5 is pretty much the modern successor to the Seabee; a light amphibious aircraft designed to bring general aviation to the masses at reasonable cost.

    1. That’s correct, Ian. Both are former developers from the Flight project, and stonelance did create this toolkit to add new plane liveries. And you took the words right out of my mouth: flying the Seabee and the Icon should be like flying father and son 🙂 Interesting times!

  3. I’m currently trying to research an article which has required me to install Flight. I really hope they succeed in getting the Seabee in, because it would make a much better subject for what I am trying to do than the Icon… or, for that matter, the only things available for me to test in X-Plane 10. 🙁

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