Flight Illusion – HW-GLARE-R22


simMarket sells a new hardware piece built by Flight Illusion, makers of high quality gauges and panels.

The HW-GLARE-R22 is a kit including glareshiled, protect cover, and lights (for gauges, gauges panel and warning panel) to reproduce a Robinson R22 upper panel.

Edit : the product is back online at simMarket. No gauges are included, but the lights are, as the new product description specifies.

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  1. Careful with this one. The web site (and vendors website) says that it includes gauges and lights. A quick look on the vendor’s site shows another option that includes gauges at a significantly higher cost. I have bough this to SimMarket’s attention.

  2. Just like you, I had to visit to the manufacturer’s website to understand they use the same spelling that may lead to a misunderstanding, especially for people whom mother language is not English. That’s why I edited my words this way “lights (for gauges, gauges panel and warning panel)”. Though, their spelling doesn’t look grammatically me.
    Anyway, It looks like simMarket suspended the product page…

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