Petitioning to resume FS11

SwhOUlECmLMtaxX-556x313-noPadDo not be pessimists. Anything that could make change Microsoft mind about Flight Simulator series can be tried and may be positive.

If you hope for a new Flight Simulator title developed by Aces / Microsoft, then you can take a few seconds and sign this petition. It asks Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, to reconsider the 30 years long flight simulation series that they gave up.

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  1. My concern would be, are the real movers and shakers of the old school ACES actually available to Microsoft anymore to make a real successor to MSFS as we knew it? I thought they’d moved onto other organisations like LM and private ventures. Plus given Microsoft’s ruthless focus on revenue from the tablet and console markets as their new pathway, would we just end up with a dish served to us cold in the form of MS Flight re-vamped, and would that really be what we want?

    Most of the folk really begging for a new iteration of FSX are looking for ways to remove the current VAS memory limitations via 64-bit implementation, and an increase in performance capabilities through use of DirectX 11 standards etc. I’d be concerned that if if we didn’t get a re-baked MS Flight in response, it’d be a bought out sim someone had developed for a tablet or console as such, and nothing in the realm of what we are wishing for.

    I reckon your biggest petition would be to make sure you keep buying up big time on aircraft and scenery for FSX and P3D, and make them start seeing the dollar symbols others are taking in and want some of it (though be careful what you wish for, DLC is the new way to go for them). I think unless they’re jumping in of their own accord and with the determination to appease the serious sim market, then we’ll never get what we want from them, just a simple consumer pleaser, or something which rarely gets bug fixes or updates as they don’t see the importance in it.

    Prepar3d is probably the best bet now, it’s based on the core code of FS and has input from some ACES I believe, and being developed by an organisation about as interested in the serious sim market as any is we know of. Inviting Microsoft back into the game now may just be inviting them to actually do their usual stomp on the other guys competative tactics until their the only players left in the game, and we then end up with absolutely nothing useful in the way of a good simulator anyway.

  2. Microsoft gave us the engine… those amazing freeware & payware developers out there have made it for us… NOT Microsoft. Do we need them? NO. We need to support the developers & as well as Prepar3d. Enough already about Microsoft. We KNOW that flight simming was a very small part & not a money spinner from their GAMING Studio & they are not going resurrect any thing. Lets move on!

  3. How about the FSX devs get together and run a kickstarter for a new sim? They can licence the FSX engine and go from there!

  4. The FSX engine license would be costly; as many have said the market for simmers/dollars isn’t going to be enough. LM has said that they aren’t interested in the retail sector of flightsim; they are only interested in education/instruction/training aspects that’s who they market their products to not to the masses and this is partly due to their licensing restriction for the FSX engine doesn’t permit them to sell on a worldwide retail market level.

  5. 8/1/2013
    My Concern would be this : say they do come out with a New Flight Simulator, as with FS2004 to FSX, we all know the Aircraft & Scenery File & Folder structure Changed Drastically – “BIG TIME” !!!

    From BitMap files to the dreaded DDS Files, that are way harder to work with, Paint on etc.
    So – they come out with a New Flight Simulator, with ALL NEW FILE format, that WE simmers know nothing about and have never heard of !

    So Now, all your Carenado, Captain Sim, PMDG, Just Flight, MilViz, LHC Creations, ORBX & FTX , and FREEWARE & PAYWARE – Aircraft & Sceneries that you have hundred of dollars into, are now NO LONGER going to work with the new MS Sim they just came out with !

    Not to mention, All that Saitek Hardware you’ve got money into, won’t work with their whatever Flight Sim – Now what are ya gonna do ???

    IF I can’t use the Excisting Aircraft and Files the way they are into a New Sim,, I don’t want it !

    Also, I highly Doubt that many of the current Developers are going to want to Invest even more money and time and the learning curve trying to figure out the New File Structure to be able to paint on and offer aircraft,,, for no more than they’d get out of it.

    Not enough Flight Simmers willing to give up their expensive Aircraft & Sceneries yet again, only to have another dull & boring looking Sim, like that Disasterous FLIGHT !!

    I don’t see it happening, unless they develop another flight Sim, just to please those GAMERS out there with a more GAMER mentality , than a Flight Sim mentality .

    those looking for Quick shots of Action, fast flying, blowing things up, shooting at objects, that’s a whole different mentality than being a Serious Flight Simulator Fantatic !!!

    Most of us Serious Flight Simmers are really more intersteaded in the Aircraft and its Functions, and learning how to get from “A to B” correctly ( Airport to Airport), and the actual procedures of doing just that as well as the proper flying of the Aircraft.

    I’m sure the serious Flight Simmers aren’t all that intersteaded in Firing missles into nowhere and shooting down 747’s , 777’s 787’s or whatever – theres OTHER simulators out there for that !!!

    I myself, would NOT be at all intersteaded in another Flight Simulator, “ESPECIALLY”, if users can’t take ALL their current Aircraft and sceneries over to the next Sim without a bunch of problems !!

    How does the rest of the Serious Flight Simmers Feel ??

  6. I’ve been flying FS since the Commodore 64 days and have enjoyed all the programs since.
    As I see it, why not have a new version of FSX, like FSX 10.3 or something like that. When Microsoft abandoned the simulator community, it was likened to rats deserting the ship. There is plenty of room out there for improvement, but no call for reinventing the wheel. They (ms ?) tried to do that with Flight, but fell on their swords after the FSX simmers rejected the new “sim” by the millions.

    I myself still fly FS9 along side of FSX10 and love them both. In summary, Improve what is there, stay being a simulator and don’t introduce another piece of junk, but improve the one that works well and flyers enjoy.


    1. Sorry guys. This is sooo stupid.. it’s a game that had come to the end of it’s economic life. No-one abandoned us! Our simulation so so vastly different (well, mine is) by all the payware & freeware addons that are out there. Do I need Microsoft? No ways!

      Flight was never geared towards us ‘pro simmers’ but toward the newbies that wanted to know what flying was all about. Yes, it is arcade like, but that’s what it’s target market was. Rejected??? No, have a look at the forums for Flight. I’m flying FS9, Flight as well as P3D. So, once again… do we need another sim? I think that we must concentrate on learning to fly properly, sharing our experiences & ideas, & maybe giving something back into the community, instead of all these demands & petitions!!!

      1. pssh you trying to side with Microsoft? No, they ABANDONED it… don’t try to change the facts; they could have released a separate “Flight” sim for the cry babies and newbies alongside the “pro” version for us serious simmers (IIRC they have always done that until the last 2-3 releases)

        Or they could have implemented a “dumbed down” version of FS9/X inside a new simulator so that newbies/pros could pick which part of the simulator they wanted to use and that way they’d have a choice and if a pro/serious simmer didn’t want to use it they didn’t have to and they could still get all their usual features.

        1. Yes they did ‘abandon’ it. & no, I’m not siding with Microsoft. But any business person will tell you that it is good business practice to close/stop any division that was not making money. They are responsible to their shareholders. ANY business will do this!! They then licensed their pro version to Lockheed Martin that is marketing Prerar3D “not for entertainment’ & as a training tool!

          So, are we GAMERS that play with games from a gaming studio, that has been closed down, for entertainment, or do we learn & practice flying & use P3D as a training tool. I want a basic simulation engine that I can customise to how & what I want, to learn proper procedures. This is far more important to me, & should be to a lot of others, than trying to get to grips with a new simulation/game that will initially have no support from developers, that are now still producing for FS9, FSX & P3D.

          Get X-Plane then, if you want something really new. But then, it’s easier & less hassle to get onto this ‘woe is me’, ‘we have been abandoned’ by a GAMING STUDIO company! roller coaster.

  7. By selling FSX to Lockheed Martin for development of P3D, Microsoft probably gave up right of competition too. That means bye bye MSFS.It’s my guess that’s the real reason behind dropping Flight.

    1. Except that they didn’t sell the FSX source code to Lockheed-Martin, they sold the ESP source code – a side project developed alongside FSX – to Lockheed-Martin. ESP was developed specifically as a non-entertainment product, the continuation of which is Prepar3D’s license, so in no way does it impinge on MS’s ability to develop or sell an entertainment product. Flight was dropped because it was a failure, due to the way it was marketed and sold. Again, no effect from ESP/P3D.

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