TS2014 Workshop improvements announced

Blog-Header-templateOn their “Engine Driver” blog,, the team behind the “Train Simulator” series, have announced some new features to their integration with Steam’s “Workshop” library, which will be of particular interest to the more creative amongst its userbase.

In addition to the now established ability to create, upload and download scenarios/activities to drive, with the new TS2014 product due out later this year, the product’s Steam Workshop library will also support freeware routes and the “career” scenarios which have, until now, been the sole preserve of RSC’s own in-house developed products.

There’s no word yet on whether 3rd party content will be allowed to officially be used in Workshop files, so chances are that you’ll need to buy more DLC to use Workshop routes/career scenarios as with the present scenario requirements, but we’ll keep you informed if we hear more.

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