More sponsors announced for A2A C172

flap_gap_seals_2_cropThe roll out of sponsorship announcements for the upcoming A2A C172 has continued today with spark plugs from Champion Aerospace and after-market accessories from Knots2U.

The full releases regarding each sponsor can be found on posts at the A2A forum here and here, along with more screenshots showing options available to package users. In answers to questions on the forum posts, Scott Gentile has stated that the sponsorships have funded the development of the extended features of the package and that each product was chosen to be used in development before working with the real world manufacturer. That means while the price will remain the same as or at least similar to previous Accu-Sim releases, you’ll get more for your money.

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  1. This brilliant! It lends an additional air of “real world” credibility to the product (as if it needed it), while giving would-be aircraft owners exposure to products that might be of interest. Plus, am I the only one that just thinks it’s fun?

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