Day: August 23, 2013

Three new German VFR Airfields from Aerosoft

Aerosoft‘s individual German VFR Airfields range has expanded three times today, with the addition of new products for Ahrenlohe (EDHO), Uetersen (EDHE) and Grube (EDHB).

TS2013 drives into East Anglia

In spite of Train Simulator 2014 being just over the horizon, are still releasing downloadable content (DLC) for the existing TS2013 version of the

Milviz Stuka for FSX/P3D released

With its infamous “Jericho Trumpet” siren announcing its arrival, the Ju-87 “Stuka” was one of the most effective ground attack aircraft of the inter-war years

MyTrafficX/3D Updated to 5.4c

Burkhard Renk’s MyTrafficX and MyTraffic3D products unquestionably offer the largest array and variety of traffic of any commercial AI package currently available. Not content to

Orbx release ‘Norn Iron’

The counties of Northern Ireland occupy the North Eastern part of the island of Ireland and have a troubled past that still brings the country

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