Accu-Sim C172 Trainer Development – Part 1

A while ago, A2A Simulations promised that they would release a development update for the upcoming Accu-Sim C172. As it happens, they decided there was two much to tell you in one video, so instead they’ve opted for three, covering different areas of the package.

In this first episode, Scott Gentile mainly discuss the walkaround and interior of the aircraft, along with demonstrating a few of the options and some initial features.

Release has been described as being “within days if things go well“, so we’ll probably be bringing you more of these pretty quickly as they are uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy!

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  1. They certainly do. And that’s what keeps this hobby exciting. Even with the platform (FSX, FS9) not being updated in years, the envelope keeps being pushed UP. Even FS9 sceneries are today unimaginably better than when FS9 came out. Now this new 172 only needs an FS2Crew addon like the one that came out for Flight1 C172 years ago to add another extra bit of realism. The engine really could fail so that passenger briefing really makes sense now.

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