PMDG 777-200LRX release week



The end of August is the come back to your regular work if you have been on vacation during summer, but it means also we’re getting closer to highly expected products release.

PMDG manager Robert S. Randazzo confirmed they just have a few remaining items to check, mainly in manuals and terms of use before any interested people in the 777-200LR/F can fly her in FSX. Starting from wednesday in the morning, it should be out within a week, maybe this weekend, unless the beta team finds a new detail that would hold them from release to the public. Fingers crossed !

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The wait continues

I like the part where it’s September now and they still haven’t released it.

And I have something to say to you. Knock off the personal insults, effective immediately.

This Airbus versus Boeing rubbish got old decades ago.

Correction: we need more Airbus and Regional Jets, not Boeing.

Really man, is this what you post on everything related to Boeing aircraft?
Well I have something to say for you, you’re an idiot.

Just another Boring Boeing….setup FMC and press AP to watch the pretty 32bit 7yr old stutters. We need more Boeing or Regional Jets.