War Thunder “Best sim” at Gamescom 2013

War Thunder developers Gaijin Entertainment have announced that to celebrate their recent award of “Best Simulation” at the Gamescom 2013 event in Cologne, Germany, they are giving players the chance to win “Golden Eagles” (the MMO game’s premium currency) during battles today, 1st September 2013.

We claimed the «Best Simulation» for our hit franchise and military MMO game War Thunder . As one of the most coveted awards in the European games calendar, the Gamescom 2013 awards are nominated by a jury leading games critics from US and Europe’s most respected games media outlets.

To celebrate the Gamescom award War Thunder presents special event – «Golden Fights»!

This Sunday, 1st of September from 16:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT (from 09:00 PDT to 12:00 PDT) you will earn:

  • 100 Golden Eagles for the second victory
  • and 200 Golden Eagles for the fifth victory

In addition to the event, they have also announced the new video shown above, to promote the title.


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Duncan H
Tuesday, September 3, 2013 16:05

That crashing noise, meh lud, is the noise of Gamescom’s reputation in the simmer’s community hitting the ground.

Ian P
Monday, September 2, 2013 15:48

That’s interesting, actually Chris. As I say, I’ve never really got to try War Thunder, primarily because of the appalling delay in actually being able to join a battle. WoWP I do play however, when I get chance, and that is far better with a joystick than keyboard/mouse. Most people who complain about the control system get told to buy a cheap joystick and it becomes far more controllable. That comes from the gamers, rather than me as a simmer. Personally, I would class neither game as a “sim”, but War Thunder is much more sim-like than WoWP is –… Read more »

Monday, September 2, 2013 06:32

Well, unless you fly in the “historic battles” mode, you are better off when you use your mouse and keyboard for flying. So much for “simulation”. It is a pity, that those games need to be casualized for increased “sales” (I know, its F2P, but still they want as many users as possible…). It has nice graphics, ok fd’s and it is fun to fly with, but come on, if me using a joystick for flying is automatically in a disadvantage compared to mouse + keyboard pilots, then something goes terribly wrong in a “sim”.

Sunday, September 1, 2013 18:07

Best Simulation Award for no Simulation Game…sorry guys,you’re kidding me?

Ian P
Sunday, September 1, 2013 18:19
Reply to  Harun

There’s actually quite a lot of depth to the configuration and flight controls of War Thunder. I don’t know exactly how much, because my attempts to play it have been hampered by horrendous ping/lag problems and the fact that you have to wait 20, 25 minutes in the lobby to actually get into a game.

It’s a huge amount more like a simulation than World of Warplanes is, though – not that this is difficult to achieve!