FSPS FSX / P3D boosters 2013 updated


In a notice sent by email to FSPS customers, they were informed about FSX and P3D Boosters 2013 update availability.

Each software has an auto-update function or you can also use FSX Booster 2013 v1.6 direct link, and P3D Booster 2013 v1.2 direct link.

I’ve tried FSX Booster 2013 at home with my FSX setup already tweaked according to information found in users forum, and I didn’t notice an enhancement. Customers reviews on FS websites or at simMarket reflect that a majority of them have seen an enhancement, because their FSX settings and CFG files were not correctly set and tweaked for best performance yet, I guess. FSPS Boosters scans your own hardware setup and specifications, and then applies the respective best tweaks for more FPS, better smoothness, more efficient textures loading, best rate of AI airplanes / boats / road traffic, etc…

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