Navigraph Cloud Charts launched

Navigraph_charts_cloudCloud Charts is a new multi-platform service by Navigraph that requires a one year subscription fee (select the option of EUR 60.00 vat incl).

It will give you access to unlimited charts to all airports of their database, and also to their instruction videos, on all your devices through a web app that streams and displays the updated documents. They are not saved in memory so the access stops when the subscription period ends. Charts 4 Desktop 4.1 supports Cloud Charts so you can use this new service on your Smartphone and tablet (i.e. : iOS or Android) and your personal computer as well (Mac / Windows…).Press release copy :

“== Charts Cloud goes Live! ==

We are proud to announce a completely new service to our Charts offering: Charts Cloud! Developed with multi-platform use and touch interaction in mind, Charts Cloud is a web app that will run on virtually any web-connected device. (See list of tested systems below.)

Using Charts Cloud, all 36,000+ airport/terminal charts at 2,100+ airports globally, our worldwide enroute chart coverage, and the full video tutorial archive will be instantly accessible in your browser. See for more information and screenshots.

The current Charts 4 desktop Windows client will still be available just like before. Also in Charts Cloud, data will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Charts Cloud requires the Charts Subscription, It has been deemed too complex to implement an individual payment system in such a mobile interface, and too complex to manage older chart revisions. The most mobile-user friendly way is to offer all the latest data without any additional payment or authentication. Therefore, any previous individually purchased data will not be accessible in Cloud Charts without the subscription.

Users without the subscription can still access Charts Cloud in demo mode. It will allow access to a limited set of data, but still show the accessibility and flexibility of the interface.

To access Charts Cloud, simply login with your Navigraph account at

We have tested Charts Cloud on various devices and architectures during development:
– Microsoft Windows (Windows 7, 8; Firefox 23, Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 29)
– Mac OS (OS X; Safari 6.0.5)
– Linux (Ubuntu 10.4; Firefox 20)
– Microsoft Surface (Windows RT; Internet Explorer 10)
– iPhone (iOS 6; 4, 4S, 5)
– iPad (iOS 6; 1, 3, Mini)
– Samsung Galaxy S (Android; SII, SIII, S4)
– Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android; Tab 2)

We naturally haven’t been able to test every device out there. Please consider this initial release as a large scale beta test, and report any anomalies you find on these or other platforms. If you have confirmed a platform not in the list above to be working, please report it aswell. Make all reports in the Charts Cloud support forum:

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