Free Cherokee, anyone?

114278_image020Nothing is always one of the nicest prices to pay for a model and Scansim are offering their PA-28-140 Cherokee for exactly that: $0, £0, €0.

Described as being “depicted as an artist’s impression only, and it is only certified for VFR flying“, the FSX/P3D aircraft has none the less an extensive list of features and is DX10 compatible, for those who like to use the preview mode. The full features list can be found here, where you can also order your copy.

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  1. Nice freeby, though it defaults to a P3D install with no option to alter to FSX. There are instructions however for a manual install. I dragged the files from P3D to FSX and it installed OK.

  2. OK but no problem I have both and use P3D more. Is it not shameful that more folk cannot be bothered to comment and thank you for this freeby.

  3. I’ll be honest, I haven’t “bought” it yet, but I’ll say thank you anyway… 🙂

    The sF International crowd is definitely a hard one to get to comment on anything, unfortunately. We do try to get you lot involved, you know…

    I think the fact that it is top of the sM sales charts for the week – something that even most free models or magazines don’t achieve – provides some positive feedback at least.

  4. Thank You Ian, go get it, its FREE… 😉
    I know You do Your best, and Im happy about that. I “did” get a lot of “Feedback” on SCANSIM Copenhagen Airport X, but the Piper is My first entry into aircraft Development, and its not perfect however I want to improve in a future update.

    Im very very proud its in the top of sales charts for the week in just few days like the Airport, and Im sure the feedback will come…

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