Black Box Simulations development

BBS_A330_prologueIf you have noticed less regular updates for both A320 / A330 X-Treme Prologue from BlackBox Simulation, Graham W. has serious and sad reasons as you can read at Facebook.

Anyway, the public Beta projects will see more progress soon as the developers are back to work.

Public message left by BBS on Facebook :

“Mucho disruption due to the Death of my Wife recently, But we are still here and still working on the Airbus A320/A330 Updates.

Some serious problems in VC Compiling (due to added complexity ) But these are now fixed or are being fixed..

Systems.. TOTALLY NEW PFD is almost complete in Airinc format. Very smooth and vast increase in Frame rates ..

so thats a “where we are” right now… More info to follow and Update to be released as soon as we can complete and test it


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