Coolsky/McPhat DC-9 – Cargo Expansion

Coolsky_McPhat_DC9_cargoIt’s not just a cargo repaint on a passengers model. DC-9 pilots and owners of the Flight1 / Coolsky / McPhat model for FSX can purchase (EUR 22.60) a +2Gb pack including the new freighter variant + various ultra high definition repaints of real liveries.

McPhat Studios even added UHDT quality to the cockpit with new textures.

Original message of McPhat Studios :

“Cargo jocks, be ready! Already a DC-9 owner, but fed up with flying passengers? Then now is your chance to haul some serious freight in the iconic DC-9-32CF. But we’re not just giving you the freighter repaints -on the passenger model- no sir! You’re getting a completely new Cargo Model, with 5 Ultra High Definition (UHDT) repaints, integrated in Coolsky’s highly appraised Flight Center. So not only can you open the main cargo door through the Flight Center’s Ground Operations menu, you can also Dispatch pallets (up to 10, like in the real plane) and load them right from within the game. Of course making sure you’re within CG limits.

But wait, there’s more!

Yes our Ultra High Definition Textures are known for their crazy detail and yes, the Cargo repaints are exactly that: UHDT! But wouldn’t it be great if you’d have a UHDT cockpit too? To put the finishing touch on this “ol’ girl”, we’re throwing in a UHDT cockpit too. So now you get to enjoy all the goodies, inside and out! Just the blue version though, if you want the brown and grey versions too […].”

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  1. Bought it on Tuesday morning but the the DC-9F don’t work got a 1001 License failure and should contact Flight1 now i am waiting.

  2. McPhat did not respons my mail via support webside since Tuesday, and waiting about any information about this. He solve it ore not able to fix it don’t know. Hes support can be better also hes webside. This was the last time i bought from McPhat.

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