FTX Global Vector


After Orbx FTX Global, the default textures replacement set, FTX openLC, the continental landclass bringing its own textures to enhance FTX Global (required and not included), John Venema announced another layer that can be added over the previous ones : FTX Global Vector.

Developed by PILOT’s for Orbx publishing, it installs detailed lakes, roads, railroads, coastlines.

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  1. Just checking my FSX purse contents…….. oh drats, empty FTX have been too active of late. they have drained the pot.

  2. This may be a convenient replacement for UTX and it supposedly covers more of the globe but I dare say it won’t be anywhere near as configurable as UTX is. I’ve not had UTX installed for more than 2 years so I’m unlikely to be purchasing this myself. I find that the vector roads ruin the look of the ground textures if you start to add all the rural roads and side streets as well in UTX, less is definitely more in this situation and I am more than happy with the default coastlines in most of the world anyway.

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