FSDT catalogue now available through simMarket

116545_sc4You’ll have seen the release of Vancouver through simMarket in the post below this, already, but it appears that after we went to bed last night, someone sneaked into simMarket and put the entire FSDreamTeam catalogue for FS9/X and P3D onto the shelves – covering numerous airports from around the North America and Europe, as well as tools and utilities such as XPOI and the popular Ground Services X.

To see the full list of titles now available through simMarket, please look here and don’t forget that they all come as demo versions, so you can download and try them before buying a license key to register them.

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    1. The reasons that most developers give for leaving FS9 in the past are that it is both a shrinking market with ever reducing sales, and has many restrictions on what can and cannot be done compared to the later sims.

      Prepar3D is an expanding market, FSX is stable, if not particularly expanding any more. Development done in one is almost 100% compatible with the other, which is not the case with FS9.

      I can understand why people want to stick to FS9 and there is certainly still a market there, but it makes less and less comemrcial sense for developers to enter new products into it as time goes on.

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