MegaScenery Earth Missouri

It’s one of those trick questions from the Christmas/pub quiz… “In which US State is Kansas City?”

The answer, obviously, is Missouri, across the Missouri river from the state of Kansas and also home to the Mark Twain National Forest, amongst many other things. Between the Missouri and Mississppi rivers, there are 429 airports within the almost 70,000 square miles of photoscenery in PC Aviator’s MegaScenery Earth coverage of the state, which also continues their expansion across the Southern United States. More details can be found here.

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  1. for some strange reason I can’t take screenshots on my FSX anymore, does anyone know why or how I can change the settings so I can do it again?

  2. Ian Evans – if you mean by pressing “v” then you’ve probably accidentally changed the key. Check for “take screenshot” in the key bindings section of “controls”.

    Otherwise, just press “PrntScreen” and paste the result into Windows Paint. 😉

    Bill Womack – But it’s the only place to have a “Columbus”, isn’t it? (I’m up to seven and counting…)

  3. Ohk thank you i’ll go back through my control settings again and if it still won’t allow me to take screenshots, i’ll use the “PrntScreen” method i’ll keep you posted 🙂

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