Patch for Train Sim 2014

Train Simulator 2014 - banner large

It’s the first patch of Train Simulator 2014 since its launch past September. The patch notes are displayed on their new website

Railworks also released a new expansion lately, Pacific Surfliner LA San Diego route. Along the 128 miles, you’ll cross downtown Los Angeles and San Diego, and other custom locations.

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  1. please do not buy this add on it is full of bugs and the stream train sim suport is no help at all…this surfliner add on is junk and does not work.. save your money people.. you dont want to loose $39.00 bucks!

  2. train sim 2014 should have stayed in the beta stage for 1 more month..not enough patches and updates for its products.. im talking about the add ons for ts2014…stream suport team lack suport and dont want to refund my money for those add ons that do not work.. the sulf* and humburg/ hanover germany route.. buy this & loose your money! protest! operation train sim 2014 protest starts december 1 2014..nation wide

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