Saitek launch new X55 Rhino


The video is pretty much all there is to see at present, but Saitek have announced that they will soon be releasing a new product – the X55 Rhino – as seen in the teaser trailer above.

According to the Press Release, “We can’t say too much about it, but we will be moving to pre-order on November 20th with a pre-holiday launch.” We’ll let you know any more as and when we know it!

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Not enough information on this video. Have to wait for more.

good question

Wouldn’t it be amazing if marketing ever offered what reality was able to deliver. 😉

So it be da 20-eth. Where be da pre-ordah?

I know a few people who are still using it, so maybe they’re using a different type of cable tie or something? I don’t know so won’t comment beyond saying that they still use it to the best of my knowledge.

The cable tie trick never worked, they kept slipping. I know I am one of those helicopter pilots 🙂 A reduced rate spring is far easier to fit on a TM Warthog than it is to fit one to the Saitek sticks.

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