JustFlight release Duchess and PA-28 for aeroflyFS

duchess-for-aeroflyfs_7_ss_l_131008091349Ikarus‘s aeroflyFS hasn’t had much coverage in the press recently, although quietly in the background, the iPad version has gained more aircraft, now also joined by two of them for the PC version, courtesy of Just Flight.

The Archer III and Duchess have both been brought to aeroflyFS from the previously MSFS only “Flying Club” range and are now available for sale as download products from the publisher’s website, although they do note that a new update for the sim to version was released earlier this month, which is required to use the two new models.

To read the full press release, click “Read more” below, or click here to see the release article at JustFlight, with news of bundle packs if you don’t already own aeroflyFS.


Just Flight is pleased to announce that the best-selling Flying Club GA aircraft Duchess and Archer III are now available to purchase from the Just flight website.

Duchess Add-on for Aerofly:

Archer III Add-on for Aerofly:


For those who don’t own AeroflyFS the products can be purchased as bundle packs where savings can be made.  Full details can be found here:

Marc Borchers, co-developer of AeroflyFS, stated “Just Flight have done a superb job developing these high quality aircraft and it’s great to see them now on sale, adding to the current range of available Add-ons for the platform”.
In addition to the titles being available for PC they are also making an appearance on ios platforms. The Ipad version is now available with versions for iphones coming very soon.  Details can be found here:


About Just Flight

Just Flight, part of the Mastertronic Group, is the world’s leading flight simulation specialist, publishing a wide variety of digital aviation products. Their range comprises a multitude of different titles, including standalone flight simulations as well as add-ons for Microsoft’s multi-million selling Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator. Just Flight’s sister label, Just Trains, is a specialist brand devoted to stand alone train simulators as well as add-ons for RailWorks, Rail Simulator, Trainz and the ever-popular Microsoft Train Simulator.

A British company, based in Huntingdon, Just Flight has been established for over thirteen years. It prides itself on quality, value and customer service, which it backs up with a unique money-back guarantee on all its products.

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  1. I bought the Duchess as I was excited about this release and found the flight model sadly lacking compared to the bundled aircraft with Aerofly FS. The eyepoint within the plane is horrible as if your sitting behind a 2D panel. I’ve flown this aircraft in the real world where the seat is adjustable and you have a far better view directly in front of the aircraft versus the main panel sitting right in front of your face.You actually sit in the aircraft and have to look down at the panel not look up to see over the glareshield. Aerofly needs the ability to adjust the eyepoint from within the cockpit…

  2. This isn’t about the Just Flight offerings as much as AeroFly itself – but look at that light! A true point-source sun with intensity and actual shadows. I almost hate seeing screenies like this, because they make me just that much less satisfied with FSX.

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