FlightBeam KIAD preview in Prepar3D v2

FlightBeam_KIAD_p3d_v2beta_previewEven better than just news about KIAD Washington Dulles in development at FlightBeam Studios, the developers give also technical informations about the new version of Lockheed Martin flight simulator : Prepar3d v2, currently in Beta.

Using DirectX 11 and finally taking advantage of the multicores CPU and the actual graphics cards power, the flight simulator could take over FSX with its visual effects like the dynamic cockpit shadows, and native bloom.


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  1. Outstanding news about Prepare 3D v2, thanks FlightBeam. Seven years after the Obamacare like rollout of FSX that has been a bug ridden performance mess up until two years ago (the term ‘With large enough wings even a pig will fly’ need apply) we have a true successor to FS9 and a continuation of the franchise (if nothing else let P3D v2 take us out in a blaze of glory with being the last FS title). FSX has split the community for years and finally it’s various issues have been addressed. We have a version that can bring us all back on one platform without the excuses heard for FSX’s shortcomings. Of course I hope P3D continues on well into the future but with Lockheed Martin behind it you never know if they’ll get more exclusive as years drag on. P3D v2 gives breathing room to the hobby for users/developers/potential new platform designers and the like. It’s easier like it once was to get inspired without the constant hassles to get the sim up and running with a stable experience (especially for future OS’s). Tweaking, OOM’s, and other headaches won’t plaque users and performance won’t be an issue for the visuals/features you get. I can’t thank the team at Lockheed enough…

    No software has inspired future pilots more in the last couple decades like FS and now it will continue.

  2. Now the shading in P3D V2 is dynamic so I wonder why the one still needs to render shadows in the textures… It will look too gloomy… Even in FSX, the attractive rendered shadows in the commercial scenery give depth to the textures if seen in a cloudy day however they look weird in a sunny bright day… The attractive commercial airports with rendered shadows look as if they are permanently under a cloudy sky or in a stormy ambiance…

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