Prepar3d V2 available


The new version 2 of Prepar3d, the flight simulator of Lockheed Martin is now available ! Most of you, as ‘simple’ users will be interested in the Academic Licence, yours for US$ 59.95 ( US$ +10.00 compared to the previous version).

As detailed on their website, they further Microsoft ESP engine with new developments, features and visual effects that match much better current expectations, and take advantage of todays hardware, multicore CPU, large memory management and powerful 3D graphics cards.

Its success will also depend on the spectrum of addons available, and if PMDG is still looking for a legal solution to make their airliners officially supported in P3D, many new addons have already been made for P3D at the same time than FSX. I bet in the near future that almost new release will require a P3D support as the majority of users comments in the social networks are willing to move to P3D when the best publishers around will support it 100%. Check simMarket latest newsletter : big sales, new products, all are compatible with P3D and of course P3D v2.

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