Taxi2Gate KMCO Orlando and MMMX Mexico City Xtreme 2013 updated


In the updates sction of Taxi2Gate website, you’ll find two free updates, one for KMCO Orlando and another for MMMX Mexico City Xtreme 2013, their latest big and quality sceneries.

In a message posted on Facebook, the makers explains that KMCO “update changes the tower windows that were in wrong position, change big gray roofs from some surrounding buildings, afcad heavy positions added in terminal 4, add 3d bridges and trees missed, terminal 4 gate numeber 81 insted of 83, the numbers of the gates of terminal 4 are bigger…“. For MMMX, the update will fix issues of crazh zones and lamp lights.

Their next scenery product will be Istanbul LTBA for FSX.

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Saturday, November 30, 2013 18:12

I believe this update is for KMCO not MMMX Extreme